We are present around the world

Thanks to the efficiency of our transport logistics service, we've been able to set up a continuous, sustainable supply flow that allows us to be present on a global scale. Our litter is currently available in specialist pet shops in 60 countries.

Smart care, happy pets!

At Intersand, we all share a passion for animals and especially cats. To help make their lives long and happy, we work daily to create products that respect their health by offering them comfort and safety. We firmly believe that improving and simplifying animal hygiene through innovation is as beneficial to the animal as it is to its owner. Because when everyone benefits, everyone can live in harmony.

Our values

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We are one of the only cat litter manufacturer who owns its R&D and Innovation Center. By integrating new technologies, science, research and creative partnerships, our business model is unique. We also have one of the most automated plant of the industry.

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Respect for animals

One aspect that pet parents often overlook is the impact of the substrate on the health of their pet and everyone in their home. At Intersand, we go the extra mile to ensure that none of our litters affect your cat’s health.

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Sustainable development is at the heart of Intersand America's strategy, which makes it a key factor for innovation, standing apart from other businesses, and competitiveness.

Become a partner

In business, the concept of win-win is very popular. So we put it into practice with our distributors. Trust is at the heart of our distribution network and we rely on partnership by offering customer service that meets all expectations. We contribute to the success of our ambassadors by offering them high-quality products tailored to their market and by offering them a wide range of marketing tools to help them in their efforts.

Customize your private-label

We are dedicated to developing exceptional litters, and our process begins in the laboratory. Because we've made animal welfare central to our concerns, we've invested in our own research and development centre to keep on designing innovative litters. We offer you the benefit of our know-how to manufacture your own private labels.