Intersand – Mission : Giving your pet a longer, healthier life

Our mission

Giving your pet a longer, healthier life

At Intersand, we firmly believe that our dear pets deserve the best. And it's because we want them to live long and healthy lives with us that we work daily to develop the best products based on best practices. We want to offer them innovative litters that respect their needs and yours.


Intersand – Mission : Giving your pet a longer, healthier life

Our commitments

Respect is at the heart of our values and as a leader in our field, we want to be a select partner for our consumers, distributors and employees. At Intersand, we have anchored in our values the desire to contribute to the development of sustainable practices for the environment and for our communities.

But that's not all, we also believe in a prettier, kittier future... 

Smart for your cat, smart for the planet!

Sustainable development is at the heart of Intersand's strategy, which makes it a key factor for innovation, standing apart from other businesses, and competitiveness. Together, we work continuously and collaboratively with our industry, partners, and customers to integrate processes that reduce our environmental footprint while improving sustainability. Intersand is concerned about its ecological footprint and that is why, since 2017, we have been a zero-waste company. This means that we recycle and reuse all our production waste. In addition, our plant is equipped with a solar wall that allows us to significantly reduce our electricity consumption. Most of our packaging is made in United States, which is also where we bag our products; we aim for local procurement whenever possible in order to minimize our environmental impacts. In fact, in 2019, Intersand bought a 46,000 square foot land parcel in Windsor, CO and built a new environmentally-friendly and efficient production, packaging and distribution facility in United States. This new distribution center provides us a strategic geographic US presence near the bentonite clay mines of Wyoming while sustaining our commitment to environment.

Smart care, happy pets!

At Intersand, we all share a passion for animals and especially cats. To help make their lives long and happy, we work daily to create products that respect their health by offering them comfort and safety. We firmly believe that improving and simplifying animal hygiene through innovation is as beneficial to the animal as it is to its owner. Because when everyone benefits, everyone can live in harmony.

Exclusively available in pet shops

In business, the concept of win-win is very popular. So we put it into practice with our distributors. Trust is at the heart of our distribution network and we rely on partnership by offering customer service that meets all expectations. We contribute to the success of our ambassadors by offering them high-quality products tailored to their market and by offering them a wide range of marketing tools to help them in their efforts.

A big family

The Intersand family is made up of men and women of whom we are proud. They make our everyday lives a time of sharing and warmth despite the constant challenges we face. Together, we are committed to creating a rewarding work environment that allows everyone to grow as an employee, but more importantly, as an individual. For all of us, personal growth is a real factor for success. Success which, in turn, contributes to our well-being.

Intersand – Animal hygiene expert

Intersand: A unique brand

We're much more than a producer of high-quality litter. We are first and foremost animal hygiene experts who care about the well-being and health of our dear pets. 

Our litter is unique, and so are you!

Intersand – Animal hygiene expert

Your cats' health comes first

Intersand is more than just a world leader in high-end cat litter. We are animal lovers, especially when it comes to cats, and we would like to provide you with as much relevant information as possible so that you can understand and take care of your cat. That's why we've decided to go beyond merely offering high-quality products; we've decided to invest in education and information in various ways. Our blog has a wealth of articles offering tips and tricks. We also occasionally offer webinars, videos and public demonstrations. Become a member of our Facebook community to stay informed about best practices. You'll find expert advice and information from animal professionals.

25 years of know-how and innovation

We are dedicated to developing exceptional litters, and our process begins in the laboratory. Because we've made animal welfare central to our concerns, we've invested in our own research and development centre to keep on designing innovative litters. More than 25 years of know-how and research are packed into each of our litter bags. 

Quality litter and nothing else

How do we offer you such an exceptional product? Simply by mastering every step of cat litter production. Extracted from a clay mine in Wyoming, our raw material, sodium bentonite, arrives directly at our plant, where we pay particular attention to it. Our quality control department ensures that our products meet the rigorous quality standards established by our teams at each stage of the process.

Our high-quality litters available in more than 45 countries

Thanks to the efficiency of our transport logistics service, we've been able to set up a continuous, sustainable supply flow that allows us to be present on a global scale. Our litter is currently available in specialist pet shops in 47 countries.

Intersand – Innovative Entreprise

Innovation drives our growth

We all know that it's essential to innovate in the jungle that is business, where competition is increasingly fierce. This is one of the reasons why Intersand decided to take a new look at litter production. Integrating new technologies, science, research and creative partnerships, its business model is unique.

We would like to share with you some of the keys to our success which, rather than simply seeing innovation as a technological tool, see it as a pillar of the sustainable development of our business in all areas.

Intersand – Innovative Entreprise

Our mission, our guide

Because we have made animal health and welfare central to our concerns, we've chosen to rely on science and technology to develop our litters. We've developed innovative patents and manufacturing processes to offer you the best on the market. Thanks to our know-how, never before has litter been so effective. We simply wanted to produce and distribute the best clumping litter on the market at any price. 

Our secret? Quality raw materials.

We started by looking for the best clay we could find, sodium bentonite from Wyoming. Its exceptional properties, particularly its absorption capacity, are recognized worldwide and make it the most sought-after clay for this application. We then focused on your needs and those of your pets. We have carried out various studies and laboratory tests to define the grain size that will offer the ideal compromise between comfort on the paws and a fast-forming, compact clump of perfect size. 

We then looked at the safety and health aspects of our litters, and decided to eliminate dust from our products. We have modernized all our production units, and are getting closer to our goal. Some of our litters are 99.9% dust free. We carry out continuous quality controls to ensure your satisfaction. But why stop when we're on a roll? Let's set the bar a little higher...

And tackle the thorny problem of odors. This dual problem required a lot of thought on our part. How can we offer an odorless environment for cats who, as we know, have a sensitive nose, while giving ourselves a little bit of freshness? Our researchers decided to attack the problem at its source rather than hide it. With OdorLock, the ultimate in cat litter, we use a patented odor control technology that prevents the formation of ammonia. Its unique formula neutralizes unpleasant odors for up to 40 days. A tour de force, but that's not all. We combine it with another technology that releases fragrances when it comes into contact with urine. Different scents are available to suit the tastes of all our consumers.

Today there are several different formulations and in each of them, we use certified products without allergens or chemicals. You see, it's much more than just litter, it's a real concentration of technology and innovation.