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Where is Intersand cat litter manufactured?

All our cat litters are manufactured directly in our high-level automation plants in Windsor Colorado and in Boucherville Canada. Our rail-served production and distribution facility provides a strategic geographic presence within US, not far from a main source of bentonite clay in Wyoming, enhancing raw material supply chain efficiency. All our cat litters are made using only the best raw materials in the world, bentonine clay from Wyoming, USA.

Why should I choose Intersand for my private label cat litter?

With 30 years of experience and 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located across North America, we’re proud to be one of the world’s largest producers of cat litter. We not only develop our own cat litter brands, such as OdorLock, CLASSIC and Simple, we also act as a thru partner of private label for several retailers and other cat litter suppliers worldwide. We are extending our innovation to tailor cat litter products specific to meet our clients’ needs which is a very important part of our robust private label business. We work closely with our private label customers on customizing all aspects of their private label litter, from substrate, granularity, absorption, odor control, dust control, fragrance, packaging format, sizes and more. And, we do it very effectively for customers worldwide.

What types of litters does Intersand offer across its private label offerings ?

Currently we are manufacturing Bentonite Clay and Vegetable Alternative cat litter. We can tailor cat litter products specifically to meet our clients’ needs. And, the features that we offer vary significantly, whether it be on attributes such as odor control and dust level, which we can adapt based on the market we serve, but there are also other features we can enhance depending on market requirements such as: absorption capacity, clump strength and less track. We are also capable of adding a vast assortment of fragrances to our product. Finally, we can customize packaging, from bags, pails, boxes or even jugs to best meet our customers’ needs.

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What is sodium bentonite (clay)?

We use a premium quality sodium bentonite, from Wyoming in the United States. Bentonite is formed naturally from the decomposition of volcanic ash that accumulated millions of years ago underground in a marine environment. These ashes then form clay layers. Sodium bentonite is therefore a clay with exceptional absorption properties! When wet, it can absorb several times its mass in water, reducing the amount of grain that has been in contact with urine or feces that could detach from the surface of clods or droppings. The cat’s litter box remains free of small residues and therefore stays clean for a longer time. In addition, Wyoming bentonite is less brittle, so it naturally produces less dust.

What is OdorLock’s technology?

Thanks to its patented technology, our OdorLock litter neutralizes ammonia formation for unparalleled control of urine and feces odors. Cat urine does not contain ammonia per se. Ammonia is formed in the litter box when urine comes into contact with oxygen and develops bacteria. Ammonia is responsible for the unpleasant smell that comes from the litter box. Our technology is activated when it comes into contact with urine to neutralize odors for more than 40 days. OdorLock is perfect for a multi-cat environment: just scoop once a day for optimal cleanliness that will delight you and your cats!

Why use high-quality clumping cat litter?

First, it’s about saving money: A clumping formula will last you much longer (several weeks) and you just have to put a little back in the box when you remove the clumps. In addition, a high-end clumping litter like ours is less dusty, so it is ideal if you or your cat are sensitive to dust. Traditional litters are seen more as a convenience. They are inexpensive when you first buy them; however, you will need to change it every week completely, clean your box, then add fresh litter. They are also generally dustier.

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